Hardwood Floors – Who was the Pest?

Hardwood Floors – Who is the Pest?

I remember how thick the wood was, how gnarled its condition was when we found it and yet, because of an early renovation on it, its aged in effortless grace and warmth, perfect in its imperfection with a character that was fully intact making any one of our footsteps sound delicious. It was a prewar row house in Bolton Hill, a black sheep of its kind within an established street of settled urban dwellers. This prewar house was owned by a lady—who’s memorable name now frustratingly escapes me—living in California and who she left into the hands of her tenants that were in recent years art students like me, going far against the sensibilities and sensitivities of the couple next door who went to war with our landlord. By the end of the year, we received either an eviction notice or a notice that the building had been sold, or possibly both. But this was no laughing matter because it felt bad to the taste: We had definitely been kicked out by our neighbors. The home-owning neighbor couple’s attempts to groom us into civility came up spectacularly short when our backyard (separated by their with only a small chain-link fence or something) became Rambo’s domain in its entirety. To the chagrin of Michelle, Rambo’s rightful owner, the neighbor’s would survey our yard and in their proper way, inform Michelle that Rambo had not been picked up after. Then, they would send their case to the landlord and eventually, they came up with a list of indictments (one time we had a pretty successful party where for some a reason, an old couch was brought to our sidewalk becoming a semi-permanent installation that ended up attracting loiterers of a benign variety) their complaints (whatever they were but from what we heard they were; noise, the dog and who cares to dig deeper other than a general and generalized misconduct) growing to a fever pitch and at the end of our school year (our lease’s term end), it was clear our landlord, though she genuinely looked out for us, had effectively grown weary of the neighbors when she threw in the towel.