About Taped Paintings

Understanding that in today’s media-environment, the function of the industrial tool is now two-fold – first for its function, use and application, and second; that it is liberally branded, serving the ulterior function to implant upon the subconsciousness of the user with with a catchy, graphical hook.

Using tape is my first foray into an inversion of this logic, where the branding becomes the primary function of the purpose (artistically speaking) and the application/use becomes an after-effect.

By accident, I noticed the branded blue tape sitting on my desk. It is blue painter’s tape to mark edges while painting interiors.




I once painted an interior myself. It was in Mid-town Manhattan. I got this job by myself. But by then, I had already painted entire galleries. A friend of mine, Mike had taught me an important technique to cover over-sized walls: Keep the paint trays filled to the brim with paint (Make sure there is plenty of floor covering, in these cases, we had a nice 4×8′ sheet of cardboard that we can slide along the edge that would catch any stray paint), roll the roller in liberally soaking it, start at the highest point (usually, you can reach the top, where the top edge has been cut (cut being a term for taking a brush and paint can and painting all edges of a room, typically corners where rollers will not reach), and let all of the paint dribble down while, in one stroke, the roller will coat the stretch from top to bottom in one stroke. This saves an enormous amount of time and energy it takes to otherwise roll the roller in an up and down fashion to cover the wall. This mark is the height of efficiency for covering large walls. This movement is repeated again, and there is always excess paint on the wall and roller to fill in gaps, splotches and streaks for an even coat. This is the zen of wall painting.




These several years of experience are etched in my memory sitting in my studio in Downtown, Los Angeles. My mind is turned on by these plastic materials, that are so unequivocally bereft of life. Industrial materials to me, represent a vacuum, one that on a large scale has stripped, bleached and destroyed the environment of which we are beginning to see is an inevitable outcome: Of life in decline.

Organically, I discovered that by aligning the printed, branded surface of this marvelous blue tape, that I could create a wallpaper. There is something extremely pleasurable about aligning the print just right. It reflects a certain pleasure that any manual laborer gets out of working with their hands whether it is laying down wallpaper, doing electrical work, diagnosing and fixing cars, mowing lawns or painting houses. It’s a certain functionality.


As an appendage to this, I’ve also collected coffee cup sleeves, whose whimsical and even melancholic imagery of floating coffee mugs swirl about. I guess I am in a process of discovery connection between things.



Late at night

It’s getting so real. Life has this way of directing you on your own path at some point, all you know is that you’re alone and you’re going to be traveling alone and somehow, this is making it right with the universe. It is. Only then do you have to take that plunge and hope you’ll formulate a direction that yields the way. Have courage. I’m there. I feel like I’m at the edge of a cliff, about to say bye to all I know. It’s the first time I’m scared of such intensity in a long time. I was excited all of last week and now that excitement is becoming anxiety. I hope I know what I’m doing. It’s like I’ve been living on a foreign land for the last 7 years. I’m finally taking steps out of that and am going to go now to the larger vibration and something like another kind of directional home. I feel like this thing happens to most people a lot earlier in life. It’s the mature thing, to let it all go…the ego, what the ego’s desires are and temper the ego with honesty and some humility towards this – this – this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This that is bigger than me. I can’t go on distrusting, and avoiding this aspect of life – that is a force and that I need to respect what is bigger and more powerful than myself, so that I can live. What a conundrum, I know. I can’t believe I’m even saying all of this because it must sound ridiculous and crazy. I needed to get here in my own life, to make an actual decision that would have purpose. I subconsciously knew that. Until now, life has been just about getting to this point! And I guess I got here or I’m getting here, or whatever. I’m here.

This crossroads and point of no return. I can’t believe I am breaking my own space up this way with something current, immediate and personal in this blog. I usually try to keep it light, but this isn’t light at all. There’s no other thing I can say. I’m scared. I’m terrified that I’ll get lost and forget all I know, but I’m also knowing my life’s just begun and that today I become a new person… I mean, I won’t become a new person – I’ll be me, but that me will take on the experience and information of now and tomorrow and will cohere differently. It’s so crazy and is a trip. I need to let it go. Ready to do it. Okay, I just needed to get that out of the way. I’m going into the future without ego. I accept surrender to the path that has always been here for me, but that I’ve not been ready to step into because I wasn’t for what a noble path requires. It requires not living an unhealthy lifestyle, blissfully ignorant of real suffering, real awareness, real challenges and real steadiness, not some privileged bullshit, not some, “I can skate around whenever I please and I’ll be a formless parasite.” No, life is to be formed when you’re ready for that. It’s ready for me. Rinse and repeat I know. Thanks. I’m here, at the trail’s head. What do I do!? Dare I say it, just go.