the search for meaning

On point. Jenny Yan, you rock!


5 thoughts on “the search for meaning

    • Really made me think about what I do with my time. I think I am getting pretty good at staying curious, but also developing a sense of self through projects, art etc. Developing a skill is crucial to understanding yourself (myself) in another way. I will read it again because there were so many good points to think about.

      • I’m glad it helped! You should pick up a copy of the book when you get the chance. It’s separated into two parts: the first part chronicles his emotional experience in the Jewish concentration camps and the second part breaks down those emotional experiences systematically according to the principles of logotherapy. Riveting read as always.

      • Sounds like quite the onion. I’ll dig deeper into it when I get a moment. I wonder how you came to be interested in this subject.

      • I was required to read the text for a class in critical analysis. I’m so glad I did!

        I don’t think I would have been as captivated with the subject if the book was structured a different way. It’s fascinating to see the principles “in action” and then to have them described in a scientific way.

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