Snippet from an email – a little bit of history…

…. Oh yeah, Franklyn – one of the things I noticed about him up until even 2 years ago was that he had become somewhat irascible or unable to open up in broad terms – to another person’s idea. I actually had a studio visit with him at point and I think I had made something with found fabric. He became very menacingly stuck on how you can’t just borrow material or else you’ll get sued. He was getting so worked up about it that I didn’t really get a word in edgewise – had no space to talk or say anything. And that’s how it ended. He was nonplussed. It was similar to when Lydia saw my work 5 years ago in K-town and projected upon it so strongly, as if to miss the actual taking place of a meeting, of an interaction – she was so swept up in her own programmatic paradigm that she simply couldn’t adapt or see the situation. That is when I realized – with both of them and at different times, that you can’t be everything to any one person. Like, it made me think, “Oh, I guess I am not allowed to be a part of this space!” Yeah, it was one of those things – it would take a lot of work to rebuild those bridges if you know what I mean. That was the last time I think I saw Franklyn though. He looked to be a little over the edge. Kind of not in good shape, like, when a year or two before, we could be chatting merrily at a bar before a Laker game. I loved those times – those were my early days when Downtown was dead! All to say, that that was only 5-6 years ago.


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