Transform yourself!

Thanks to Stephanie and Jeannette, Kiem, Wisarut and myself, we have developed quite the chess squad.

The moves like one moves in his or her own life, are important. Each game is a real-time characterization of the player navigating through his or her own mode of, well, navigation! That is, how we make decisions, how and what we consider when those decisions are made, and what moves become prioritized over others. I am beholden to think that these three things can probably qualify one’s own very constitution – the motivations that inform our choices.

I’ve begun to think that by playing chess, I am able to hone in on an awareness to how I negotiate this world. It can be downright transformative to lose (as I usually do) against Kiem or Wisarut, as my story unfolds – because I do so more nobly as I begin to get the logic of the game. Luckily, in chess, my mistakes don’t have real-world consequences. I am thankful that I can go to sleep on things I could have done better, and return the next evening, refreshed, with my game more intact than it was before, only to learn new lessons of which there are many in this game. If I am not making mistakes to learn from, I am not challenging myself enough. Good thing I have roommates who are more adept than I.

So, we also watched Star Trek yesterday night (the J.J. Abrams  one) – the graphics were good. The visual concept and special effects alone made this movie a pleasurable watch. The architecture, the mechanical elements, the lighting design, the surfaces – all combined into this total powerhouse of a picture. Yeah, it was another explosive night of fun and games at apt. 1011.  : )



7 thoughts on “Transform yourself!

  1. nod nod. i enjoy the transposition of a chess game into the game of life. transssspooossssiiiitttiiiiooonnn. such a good word.

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