First post of the New Year

I sit and write when I should be in bed, with the feint sound of kusc coming in through the radio – at this deliberate volume, the texture of classical music is soft and curling – not unlike soft snowfall as it gives gentle, but great character to an environment. Have you ever woken up to the ground covered in two feet of snow and it has not stopped? It is a special event. The roads are empty. The neighborhoods are whitewashed over. You can’t hear much outside, and it is partially, because sound is muted by the snow. Plus, you bundle up so that you too are unable to decipher much sound through all your thick, warm and toasty layers of clothing, grab a shovel and either 1. shovel the driveway and sidewalk (because this needs to be done eventually) or 2. build an igloo. (Snowmen are good too, but I outgrew them pretty early in favor of architecture.) It is all pretty zen. But snow is not falling in Los Angeles, yet it is winter. What other things gild this winter feeling? 

Classical music. I know. But through experiencing this magical radio station, I have at times woken up in wonder at what I am hearing as it weaves and even shapes my dreams. It all is pleasant, calm, without hurt feelings or rawness. It is the opposite, it is an adventure and abstract, like a new language that you start to understand and are trying to decipher further because you want the answer!

It is the new year. I am already in its pocket. It took me a while to find time’s – pocket. It will get more fleshed out still, but I sense a lot of change is in the air. I for one, want to become more disciplined in my actions, so that I don’t have to think, but that I could just do and fulfill this thing called time. I could go on, but it is late. I have to be up in 6 hours. That is definitely not enough time! 


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